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Christian Oliver Otto Meier-Kahrweg
Date & place of birth    1967 Bremen, Germany
Apprenticeship 1985 – 1988 Trainee Brewer & Maltster at Beck & Co, Bremen
Work experience    1988 – 1993 Brewer & Maltster at Beck & Co, Bremen
Alternative civilian service 1989 – 1990 Uniklinik Düsseldorf,
Neurological Intensive Care Station and Dermatology Clinic
School education    1993 – 1995 ‘Abitur’ (equiv. to English A’ levels), Bremen
Course of study 1996 – 2002 Academy of Fine Arts, Bremen
Degree    2002 BA Honours Film, Academy of Fine Arts, Bremen
Artist grants received 2002 – 2004 Ministry of Cultural Affairs, City of Bremen
Since 2002 Freelance filmmaker and video artist in Bremen
2005    -- Cultural exchange as part of the Bremen project “Art_Serv_Net” with Riga (Latvia)
-- Video-DVD with four short movies, filmed in Odessa, for the collection of the
   “Far Eastern Art Museum” Khabarovsk, in Siberia
-- "Screen Spirit" group exhibition, at Städtische Galerie im Buntentor, Bremen
2004    -- Lecturer at the German/Ukrainian TransOST workshop in Odessa, Ukraine
-- Co-founder of the “Spedition” project, a trading place for modern fine art,
   located at the former DB (German Railway) goods depot in Bremen
-- "creed" exhibition, Galerie Herold, Bremen
-- "Generation two – somehow different" – a video portrait commissioned
by the Federal Cultural Foundation, Bonn (Kulturstiftung des Bundes)
2003    -- "Bremen-Bastheim" group exhibition at Galerie Altes Schulhaus, Bastheim
-- Short cinema film: "30 years of art in public places", for the city of Bremen
   -- "Bremen Perls" for Casablanca; Museum Villa des Arts, Morocco
-- Organisation: image CD-ROM for the artist factory “Güterabfertigung”
-- Exhibition - swb- enordia Galerie
2002    -- Lecturer at the 8th International Documentary Video Week, Bremerhaven
-- Image film for the REETEC wind energy company
2001    -- Short film: „teaser 2B“ commissioned by a local cinema
-- Image film and image CD-ROM for the REETEC wind energy company REETEC
1998 - 2001    -- Initiator and organiser of a series of club and cultural projects:
“the canteen will stay alive”, “Electrolounge”, “night exhibitions by and
for electro music”, “eating and watching”. These off-cultural events featured
DJ/ VJ club-culture, short films and live music performances
1998    -- Video portrait of fifteen former art students of the Bremen College of Art
to mark the tenth anniversary of the college
1997    -- „Furor“, theatre project, film installation, video documentary
1996    -- „Große Freiheit Vegesack“ Theatre Spectacle
   participation and production assistant on the Segelschulschiff Deutschland
1995    -- „Montagen“, a performance ensemble featuring various media artists
   photography, film and dance Live performances Cultural centre “Lagerhaus” Bremen,
   Treujanisches Schiff (Project for the “Lerchenfeld” School of Art, in Hamburg)
   and as part of “the hells of Bremen” project
1994 - 1996    -- Initiator and organiser of the Festival of Animation in Bremen and Hamburg
   featured short animation films from various international artists
Since 1994    -- Various film and video installations and projections
   Place of exhibitions: Künstlerhaus Güterabfertigung Bremen, Academy
   of Fine Arts Bremen, Kulturbahnhof Vegesack, Theaterrohling Norderstedt,
   Kulturkosmos Mürritzsee, Breminale, Pier 2, Übersee- Museum Bremen,
   Schlachthof Bremen
1992    -- Study trip and staying in the Republic Jemen for three month
seit 1991    -- Founded small production company „Big Brother Live Videos“
   Big Brother Live Videos produced four short films between 1991 and 1996
   -- Participation in film festivals in Japan, Italy, France and Germany
Awards    -- “dinner for two“,
   film selected to be shown on the “Liebe Sünde“ TV programme on the German
   TV channel VOX - The programme had held a video-competition,
   the subject of which being „Naked“
   -- "Chickenteaser",
   chosen as one of ten German films (video) to be sent to Japan
   and was shown in the final round of the JVC VIDEO Awards in 1996
   -- “Filmsalat”, film festival in Verden / Germany: Most Innovative Film Award (1995)
Other Activities
1998 - 1999    -- Indoor pyrotechnician: Pier 2 Bremen, Theaterrohling Norderstedt Hamburg
1999    -- Video jockey, Pier 2 Bremen
1995 - 2002    -- Film projectionist for Filmkunst Theater GmbH
2004 - 2005    -- Honorary committee member of the ‘Verein 23’ e.V. /
   artists factory Künstlerhaus Güterabfertigung, Bremen
2005    -- Founded „cm-kahrweg´s Filmemacherei“ agency